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My Completed Fic

Only CLex / KaLex /McShep in these indexes and ALWAYS together in the end.

All completed stories also at Archive of Our Own.

All works in this journal are not for profit - mine or yours.

Title: Desired versus Required (PG)
Summary: Sometimes you can't be the only person involved in the important decisions of your life.
Word Count: 5958

Title: His Alibi (R)
Summary: Falling for a beautiful man can be murder! Remix of 1989 movie 'Her Alibi'.
Word Count: 20758

Title: Kneel Before Me, Please (PG13)
Summary: Sometimes, it just doesn't come naturally. absolut_lex Challenge
Word Count: 1033

Title: No Mountain High Enough (PG13
Summary: A bored Lex can be a dangerous thing. absolut_lex Challenge
Word Count: 1676

Title: One Door Closes (PG)
Summary: In Lex's darkness, he still finds light. absolut_lex Challenge
Word Count: 1418

Title: Still Breathing (R)
Summary: The love of a lifetime can begin with a dream. Remix of 1997 movie 'Still Breathing'. absolut_lex Challenge
Word Count: 17759

Title: Day 403 (R)
Summary: How long does it take to forgive the one you loved?
Word Count: 7017

Title: Final Intervention (PG)
Summary: What will it take to make you stop?
Word Count: 315

Title: Fill in the Blank (PG13)
Summary: Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.
Word Count: 5976

Title: Head Over Heels (R)
Summary: It's tough being a model citizen. Extreme remix of 2001 romantic comedy 'Head Over Heels'.
Word Count: 22366

Title: Haunted by the Past (PG13)
Summary: Lex remembers. Remix of 'Bound'
Word Count: 3334

Title: A Day at the Races (PG)
Summary: 2006 50_in_50 Challenge - New York State
Word Count: 2333

Title: A Simple Plan (PG)
Summary: 2006 Undermistletoe Challenge - Evil Overlord Rules
Word Count: 1680

Title: Regarding Lex (R)
Summary: The story of a man who had everything, but found something more. Remix of 1991 'Regarding Henry'.
Word Count: 19655

Title: Without You (NC17)
Summary: 'Can't live without you' takes on a whole new meaning for Clark and Lex.
Word Count: 17765

Title: Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot (PG13)
Summary: One unforgettable kiss. Or was it? undermistletoe Mystery Schmoop
Word Count: 1884

Fics in the order they were completed for 2007.

Title: You've Got Mail! (PG13)
Summary: Sometimes you have to take a chance on real life. Remix of 1998 movie You've Got Mail.
Word Count: 23000

Title: Gambling On Destiny (PG13)
Summary: Lex tries to beat the odds. CLFF 19 Silver Medal
Word Count: 4100

Title: To Balance Souls (PG)
Summary: Yin and Yang do not exclude each other. Yin and Yang are interdependent. Yin and Yang consume and support each other. They are eternal.
Word Count: 100

Title: Have A Mice Day (R)
Summary: Small, furry and Lex. Who knew? CLFF 20
Word Count: 900

Title: Of a Feather (PG13)
Summary: You can never be sure what will happen when a dream takes flight. CLFF 20
Word Count: 1600

Title: Destiny's Savage Heart (NC17)
Summary: The sky. The sea. Their destiny. harlequin_sv First Place - Cover 2
Word Count: 21500

Title: Destiny Wears A Disguise (NC17)
Summary: Three men. One destiny. harlequin_sv Second Place - Cover 1
Word Count: 24700

Title: Who Needs An Apple? (NC17)
Summary: Just think, some teachers get fruit.
Word Count: 1100

Title: Second Course (NC17)
Summary: Could the dream become reality? Kink/Cliche Challenge
Word Count: 5500

Title: Tea Towel for Two (PG13)
Summary: It would have been the perfect towel to take on a trip across the galaxy. Towel Day! Challenge
Word Count: 800

Title: The Shocking Truth About Glinda (PG13)
Summary: Sometimes it's better to stay in Oz. old_school_clex Challenge
Word Count: 2900

Title: Sunsets (G)
Summary: Like snowflakes, each is unique.
Word Count: 700

Title: Speak Not In Whispers (NC17)
Summary: It is time for Clark and Lex to see the truth .
Word Count: 14000

Title: Alimentary, My Dear Kent (PG13)
Summary: Clark pays the price for leaving Lex alone for too long.
Word Count: 700

Title: Just A Matter of Time (NC17)
Summary: Lex wasn't sure what happened the night before, but he suspected that the last bottle of vodka hadn't been such a good idea after all. CLFF21 Gold Medal
Word Count: 6500

Title: Beneath The Skin (G)
Summary: It's what's inside, underneath that counts.
Word Count: 1400

Title: In His Image (NC17)
Summary: It should have been a simple investigation. A pair of green eyes in a beautiful face changed everything.
Word Count: 42,000

Title: Save A Horse (NC17)
Summary: Lex finds out life in the country ain't half bad.
Word Count: 4235

Title: All My Friends Say (NC17)
Summary: Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge from your friends.
Word Count: 2605

Title: Ask Me Why I Did It (PG13)
Summary: There must be some good reason he risks his life so much.
Word Count: 1540

Title: Another Time and Another Place - Book One (NC17)
Summary: He's not sure when he lost control of the situation and how he's going to get out of the mess he's in. Or if he really wants to.
Word Count: 24,500

Title: Dance With Your Heart co-written with morganichele (NC17)
Summary: Learning to dance was just the beginning, for both of them.
Word Count: 26,400

Title: Zero Effects (R)
Summary: For Lex, each day is a new beginning. He has no choice. CLFF22 Gold Medal
Word Count: 12,400

Title: Do You Believe In Magic? with morganichele (NC17)
Summary: AU. What if the circus was in town the day the sky fell down?
Word Count: 46,400

Title: Once In A Blue Moon (NC17)
Summary: AU. A Full Moon on Halloween is always a Blue Moon, and it will happen five or six times a century. It was just Lex's luck that he held a party that night. Good luck, that is, considering who arrived. old_school_clex Halloween Challenge
Word Count: 23,600

Title: Impressions, Wagers and Lovers (NC17)
Summary: Clark's never been that impressed with fame or fortune, it doesn't matter which billionaire he's dating. absolut_lex Joe Phillips Challenge Gold Medal
Word Count: 11,000

Title: How Lucky I Am (R)
Summary: A simple song brings the past to life with new possibilities for the future. CLFF23 Silver Medal
Word Count: 5900

Title: Another Time And Another Place - Book Two (NC17)
Summary: Kal-El has another chance to get it right, if Lex will let him try.
Word Count: 23,800

Title: Until Someone Gets Hurt (PG13)
Summary: When Clark discovers that Lex lied to him, it's time to take some action if they're going to save their friendship. undermistletoe Challenge
Word Count: 5,000

Title: Le Beau Et La Bete Noire (NC17)
Summary: Washed up on a beach, Lex Luthor meets a dark stranger who will change his life forever. This is not the Disney version, folks. You've been warned. undermistletoe Challenge
Word Count: 17,900

Title: The Next Time (PG)
Summary: "The two of you just wanted to keep me at home, barefoot and pregnant." CLFF24 (mpreg)
Word Count: 470

Title: Dalla Luce Della Luna (By the Light of the Moon) (PG13)
Summary: Falling in love with your fiancee's stepbrother could be considered a problem. Then again, it might just be what you were waiting for all your life. undermistletoe Mystery Schmoop
Word Count: 6,000

Title: Watching Airplanes (PG)
Summary: "I'm just sitting out here watching airplanes take off and fly, trying to figure out which one you might be on and why you don't love me anymore."
Word Count: 790

Title: Not Of This Earth (R)
Summary: An actor has to have standards. Lex is putting his foot down and absolutely refusing to wear the g-string. That's final!
Word Count: 12580

Title: Feed A Cold (PG)
Summary: What was the old wives' tale again? Feed a fever, starve a cold...or something like that
Word Count: 1130

Title: Golden Slumbers gotclex Beatles Challenge (PG13)
Summary: Once there was a way to get back home.
Word Count: 1,170

2008 SGA Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: An Interminable Chain of Longing (PG13)
Summary: John still remembered Rodney's face when he'd first shown the team his gift. He'd often wondered since whether what he'd seen lurking in the shadows behind blue eyes had been thankfulness that someone had paid attention to the other man's needs...or a hope that someone might in the future.
Word Count: 1670

Title: Refining Gold (PG13)
Summary: The crash had been a shock for all of them. The instantaneous loss of power had left John piloting the equivalent of a large rock. John and Rodney spend some quality time in the desert.
Word Count: 2610

Title: Counting On You (PG)
Summary: Rodney's not the only one who counts.
Word Count: 333

Title: Gently Down The Stream (PG)
Summary: "Great, we recreated 'The African Queen' just because you tried to explain the concept of 'bogarting' to the sasquatch that consistently steals all the popcorn on team movie night and 'Casablanca' wasn't available."
Word Count: 497

Title: Adrenaline (NC17)
Summary: He says your name and it sounds like he's broken to pieces inside, glass, fragile precious crystal that should never have been used, except it was used and you want to put him back together and make him shine again.
Word Count: 1260

Title: The Rainbow Connection (PG13)
Summary: "Again, he says, like it happens all the time. Oh, of course I should have expected you'd make fun of the blind man who's afflicted with allergies to just about everything with flowers and is currently being dragged through an alien Christmas tree farm by a six-foot tall stalk of broccoli."
Word Count: 1165

Title: Always Do Sober (NC17)
Summary: It wasn't the moonlight or the sweet fruit punch. It was something else.
Word Count: 2570

Title: Half-Past Midnight (PG13)
Summary: John's tired of waiting for Rodney. He decides to do something about it.
Word Count: 772

Title: A Few Useful Definitions (PG)
Summary: Life in the Pegasus Galaxy provides many opportunities to learn new things. Some may involve more pain than others.
Word Count: 1875

Title: Call Signs (G)
Summary: A call sign is a unique means of identification. John Sheppard can recall at least four particularly memorable designations used during his military career. Now, it seems he's earned a fifth.
Word Count: 520

Title: Refining Gold (Beautiful Mess Remix) (PG13)
Summary: The crash had been a shock for all of them. The instantaneous loss of power had left John piloting the equivalent of a large rock. John and Rodney spend some quality time in the desert. artword Second Chance Challenge
Word Count: 3120

Title: Proximity Effect (PG)
Summary: The top three determinants of attraction are: proximity, physical appearance and similarity. Proximity effect in psychology refers to the assumption that the more exposure to a stimulus, the more apt humans are to like it. We all know Rodney's opinion of the 'soft' sciences.
Word Count: 2190

Title: By A Thread (R)
Summary: John's not feeling comfortable about his decision to let Carter, Keller, and McKay leave Atlantis without him. There may be a few other issues to deal with as well.
Word Count: 5350

Title: Screen Savor (R)
Summary: It was the perfect setup - a little girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pink tutu. What woman could resist? Happyfic Challenge
Word Count: 9060

Title: All That We Sever (PG13)
Summary: "You see, the thing is, McKay, I've never been quite good enough. I keep losing what I love. I've decided that's not going to happen anymore."
Word Count: 4315

Title: The Trouble With Trebuchets (PG13)
Summary: Rodney saw the look of dismay flash across John's face at almost the same instant as he heard the unmistakable thwump of the tiny weapon's discharge.
Word Count: 1700

Title: The Place I Go (PG)
Summary: Rodney's nightmares are keeping John awake.
Word Count: 2690

Title: I Don't Do Floors (The Rest is Negotiable) (PG13)
Summary: "So, do you always travel with a machete and a parachute?" SG-1/SGA AU remix of 'The Librarian: Quest for the Spear'. 2008 undermistletoe entry
Word Count: 15400

Title: Home from the Sea (G)
Summary: "You hear cautious footsteps before a voice and he's telling you of a day spent beneath a bright sun and of walking the edges of an uncharted sea."
Word Count: 346

2008 SV Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: Straighten Up And Fly Right (G)
Summary: "Why can't you fly in a straight line?"
Word Count: 520

Title: The Rarer Action (NC17)
Summary: "Lost in the future, can they forgive each other before it's too late?" Serenity/Firefly Crossover CLex doujinshi contest
Word Count: 36,000

Title: You Still Own Me (PG)
Summary: It wasn't until the fourth or fifth day that he realized there was no car, no cell phone, no PDA, no laptop.
Word Count: 3960

Title: I Loved You All Along (PG)
Summary: I never thought I would forget this hate then a phone call made me realize I'm wrong.
Word Count: 1100

Title: Heaven Sent (PG13)
Summary: It was a match made in Heaven. Now, how on Earth will they ever find each other again?
Word Count: 15350

Title: Intentions (NC17)
Summary: What if Kal-El had stolen more than a crystal from Lex's jet?
Word Count: 12000

Title: Cordially Yours (NC17)
Summary: Almost everyone enjoys a little chocolate on Valentine's Day...some people just enjoy it a little bit more.
Word Count: 4800

Title: Unforgiven (NC17)
Summary: Lex has been waiting years for his chance. It's time.
Word Count: 8300

Title: You Light Up My Life (PG13)
Summary: Clark's developed a newish sort of power...um, a feature...no, a problem. It's a little inconvenient.
Word Count: 700

Title: Take A Flying Leap (PG)
Summary: February 29th may be Superman's birthday, but it's also famous for something else. Superman's Birthday Challenge
Word Count: 309

Title: Wait (PG)
Summary: Left behind, Lex waits. Sequel to 'Golden Slumbers' but may be read as standalone. gotclex Spring Challenge
Word Count: 888

Title: Sculpted from Life (PG)
Summary: When it comes to cheating death, one chance in a million is better than no chance at all, irrational as it may be. The same could be said for living.
Word Count: 3550

Title: A Semi-Precious Helix (NC17)
Summary: You can buy anything you want on the streets of Metropolis for the right price.
Word Count: 15100

Title: Looking Good (PG)
Summary: Lex in flannel. 'nuff said. old_school_clex Clothes Swap Challenge
Word Count: 600

Title: Bedtime Stories (PG13)
Summary: You never know who might be reading. (SV/SGA/TFATF/X-Men Crossover)
Word Count: 1200

Title: Midnight Snack (NC17)
Summary: Months of reading slash, even attempting to write his own characters doing something beyond kissing or the occasional hand job, still hadn't prepared Clark for the intensity of the real thing.
Word Count: 3535

Title: Nex(t) In Line (What Clark Doesn't Know Remix) (PG13)
Summary: Clark doesn't know, won't hurt him. Too bad that doesn't apply to everyone. remixredux08 Challenge
Word Count: 1250

Title: To Race Apollo (NC17)
Summary: Lex is back from the dead...and looking for Clark. An uncanny moon interferes with their reunion. The world will never be the same.
Word Count: 7950

Title: Art Appreciation (NC17)
Summary: Clark enjoyed his job moonlighting as a model for the evening art classes held at the museum. He knew things were going to get even better when he saw the newest student walk into the room.
Word Count: 11,800

Title: Lightning Strikes (NC17)
Summary: Lex only paused for a moment as he slammed out the door. He had to admit he didn't know what he was searching for...but he knew exactly where to start looking.
Word Count: 2900

Title: Hot Crossed Buns (NC17)
Summary: "Do you suddenly have an overwhelming need to say 'Malkovich'?"
Word Count: 2980

Title: Two Years From Tomorrow (PG13)
Summary: A letter from the future leads the way to love. A remix of 'The Lake House'.
Word Count: 13420

Title: Fried Cheese And Castles (R)
Summary: A trip abroad offers two weary men a chance to regroup and reconnect.
Word Count: 8100

Title: Aumenti Nel Sol (PG)
Summary: It can be safer in the shadows.
Word Count: 1660

Title: I Believe You Now (R)
Summary: Clark has something to confess to Lex.
Word Count: 1550

Title: Kiss and Tell (NC17)
Summary: For such a private man, Lex manages to be caught with his pants down in public a surprising number of times. It's a good thing Clark always seems to be there, too. Collaboration with lapetite_kiki and taliosi_x.
Word Count: 2800

Title: Staring At A Hurricane (PG13)
Summary: He's the worst, has always sliced the deepest.
Word Count: 616

Title: Nothing But Air (NC17)
Summary: Some people believe that a friendship can wear out like tires. There's only just so much mileage in them, and then you're left riding around on nothing but air. Some people know better than that. February 2008 Sweet Charity prompt for ladydey
Word Count: 21670

Title: Not Only The Tango (NC17)
Summary: It was time for both of them to take a refresher lesson in connections.
Word Count: 4130

Title: The Haze of Time Recalled (R)
Summary: Sometimes a dream can mean everything. 2008 clexmas
Word Count: 1500

Title: The Seeds of Change (PG13)
Summary: An ill-advised experiment leaves Clark...and rest of the world...at risk.
Word Count: 15630

Title: Ballo Della Luna (Moon Dance) (G)
Summary: It's a marvelous night for romance.
Word Count: 1140

2009 SGA Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: No Whales This Time (R)
Word Count: 315
Summary: Rodney has a nightmare.

Title: Rekindled (G)
Word Count: 100
Summary: John comes out of the cold.

Title: Imagine This (PG)
Word Count: 2150
Summary: A tale of two beds.

Title: Annoying Man (PG)
Word Count: 1000
Summary: The things one man has to put up with sometimes.

Title: Interlaced (R)
Word Count: 17,600
Summary: It was a chance to start over, a new life. Now, he's not sure it was such a good idea. (SGA/SG-1 fusion with 2002 'Cypher')

Title: Beyond Roses (R)
Artist: beet
Word Count: 3350
Summary: A chance encounter raises some ghosts from John's past.

Title: The Glitter Strikes Again (G)
Word Count: 100
Summary: Sequel to Screen Savor, written for sgamadison's Epistolary Challenge.

Title: Fifty-One (PG)
Word Count: 2935
Summary: Not good enough gets a second chance.

Title: Absentminded (G)
Word Count: 250
Summary: "I want a divorce."

Title: Half A Brain (G)
Word Count: 305
Summary: John's not pining.

Title: What Will Be (G)
Word Count: 2000
Summary: John brings back more than Teyla's location from the future.

Title: Hole In The Bucket (PG)
Word Count: 580
Summary: You know those lists of what people want to do before they die? Some are more exciting than others.

Title: Alphabet Soup (G to R)
Word Count: 2600
Summary: A collection of 26 standalone drabbles written for Team Peace on 2009 McShep Match Drabble Tree.

Title: Miscellaneous Bits and P(ea)ces (G to R)
Word Count: 4300
Summary: A collection of 40 standalone drabbles written for Team Peace on 2009 McShep Match Drabble Tree + 3 added after voting.

Title: Next of Kin (What I Won't Do For Love Remix) (G)
Word Count: 1513
Summary: Somewhere along the line, she'd lost something important and it was time to get it back. Written for remixredux09.

Title: Knot That Kind Of Shepherd (PG)
Word Count: 1100
Summary: Jeannie was going to have to rethink the 'two grown men can manage one little girl for three or four hours' hypothesis. Set in the Screen Savor 'verse.

Title: To Walk on the Wind (G)
Word Count: 600
Summary: Half a century ago, they lived on the edge.

Title: Decoded (PG13)
Word Count: 427
Summary: As requested, a little add-on to melagan's Dogtags.

Title: Romance Not Included (R)
Word Count: 19750
Summary: There's one important thing to remember about islands; the only way to guarantee you'll find what you're looking for is to bring it with you. Remix of 'Six Days, Seven Nights'.

Title: Model Behavior (R)
Word Count: 1500
Summary: "That's funny. I always thought not wearing any clothes meant you were nude."

Title: At Liberty (PG)
Word Count: 960
Summary: John surrenders. A little kissing and cliché for mcsmooch.

Title: Younger (PG)
Word Count: 637
Summary: John's favorite memories don't exist yet.

Title: Detour To Bethlehem (PG13)
Word Count: 3345
Summary: Rodney tallied up their resources for their retreat to Area 51: two shotguns, one 9mm, a couple of fancy sticks, and a knife-wielding directionally challenged angel. They were so dead.

Title: Virtually The Same (PG13)
Word Count: 10,000
Summary: When John wakes up, he's in his quarters. Alone. The last thing he remembers is walking through the gate on M3G-434.

Title: Remember When (G)
Word Count: 2250
Summary: John tells a story about two men, a chair, and an orange fleece jacket.

Title: McShep Dribs and Drabbles (G to PG13)
Word Count: 4 x 100
Summary: Drabbles 12-06-09 Prompts

2009 SV Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: Conjugating Amore (PG13)
Word Count: 9200
Summary: He knows that all he has to do is find the right words.

Title: In Sickness (G)
Word Count: 1504
Summary: Lex needs a little reminder along with the antibiotics and the chicken soup.

Title: Ballot Bits (G to R)
Word Count: 1000

Summary: I offered drabbles as out-and-out bribes to vote for Team Peace in the 2009 McShep Match Drabble Tree Voting.

Title: Pointillism (The Sunday in the Clark with Lex Remix) (G)
Word Count: 1065
Summary: Clark wonders how much distance he needs to see Lex as he really is. Written for remixredux09.

Title: The Night You Were There (The My Heart Broke in Frisco Remix) (PG13)
Story and Author: Come Back from San Francisco by slinkling
Word Count: 100
Summary: What Lex needs can't be found where he's looking.

Title: Cephalopodally Ever After (The Safe in Your Arms Remix) (G)
Art and Artist: Tentacle Story by jh_july001
Word Count: 355
Summary: Careful! Turn your back for a minute in Smallville and you might end up squi(d)shed.

Title: Clex Dribs and Drabbles I (G to R)
Word Count: 7 x 100
Summary: Drabbles 12-06-09 Prompts

2010 SGA Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: RD-NE (G)
Warnings: Image-heavy crack!fic
Word Count: ~4200
Summary: An unscheduled arrival in Atlantis challenges the status quo. A little crack fusion AU of SGA/WALL-E. With illustrations! And the orange fleece!

Title: Piper Payment (G)
Word Count: 100
Summary: Response to mcsheplet prompt # 62: Borrowed

Title: Superfluous (G)
Word Count: 100
Summary: Response to mcsheplet prompt # 63: Fall

Title: Rewind (PG)
Word Count: 100
Summary: Response to mcsheplets prompt # 64: Epiphany

Title: Turn the Page (G)
Word Count: 676
Summary: John and Rodney send Madison (and Jeannie) a present.

Title: Codename LDBJ (R)
Word Count: 911
Summary: It wasn't fair that they were stuck in two different cities.

Title: Corners and Squares (PG)
Word Count: 2108
Summary: Inspired by Rodney's success, John tries to reconnect with his past.

Title: All Honor's Wounds (PG)
Word Count: 100
Summary: Response to mcsheplets prompt # 66: Honor and Obey

Title: Redlined (NC17)
Word Count: 1348
Summary: No one spoke; no assurances, chants, or even threats, just a weighted silence that blanketed John until it all slipped away.

Title: Hand and Heart (R)
Warnings: Highlight here to see Warnings => Spanking
Word Count: 3850
Summary: Before John could start the movie and avoid any awkward discussions, Teyla asked, "I am curious, Major. What did you mean when you mentioned a 'woodshed' in the today's meeting?"

Title: Missing Person (R)
Word Count: 1018
Summary: The poster was hard to look at, even more difficult to read, although not just because the words were printed in Ancient.

Title: Mastering Fire (G)
Word Count: 1962
Summary: Teyla knows there is more than one way to light a fire where needed. Written for McSheplets Challenge 67 - Matchmaking.

Title: Shorter and Less Flexible (PG13)
Word Count: 921
Summary: Rodney shares an interesting dream.

Title: Jumping into the Peep End (G)
Word Count: 750
Summary: Love among the peeps. Crack!fic.

Title: Atlantis RPG (PG)
Word Count: 100
Summary: Response to mcsheplets prompt # 68: Play

Title: Tagged (R)
Word Count: 1617
Summary: John and Rodney engage in a little friendly name-calling and more.

Title: Tender (G)
Word Count: 100
Summary: For mezzo_cammin's prompt: John and Rodney - tenderness

Title: Seeing the Potential (PG)
Word Count: 100
Summary: For melagan, set in her Sensual Magic 'verse

Title: Sticky Situation (PG)
Word Count: 780
Summary: Some discoveries can be particularly sweet.

Title: Sitting in a Tree (G)
Word Count: 100
Summary: For mcsheplets #70: High

Title: Leaving the Trail (PG13)
Word Count: 681
Summary: Another boring mission, which means that Rodney has time to think.

Title: Rumpled (PG)
Word Count: 580
Summary: Who could resist joining Rodney in a nap some sleepy afternoon? John certainly can't.

Title: Brief (G)
Warnings: reference to minor character deaths
Word Count: 100
Summary: Written for the SGA Flashfiction's Post Secret Redux Challenge.

Title: Six Smooches (PG)
Word Count: 6 x 100
Summary: A collection of drabbles written to prompts for April 2010 McSmooch.

Title: And In All The Spaces Between (PG13)
Word Count: 1928
Summary: John hadn't planned on spending his day off alone.

Title: Quick and Dirty (R)
Word Count: 746
Summary: Rodney has a filthy mouth, even when he's not making a sound.

Title: Do Not Pass Go (R)
Word Count: 839
Summary: Long summer days filled with cutthroat Monopoly games with Jeannie hadn't prepared Rodney for dealing with someone that plays as though it doesn't matter.

Title: Conversion Rate (R)
Word Count: 1420
Summary: When John enters his quarters, the first thing he does is lower the lights, needing the safety of a darkened den.

Title: 50 Standalone McShep Match Drabbles (G to PG13)
Word Count: 50 x 100
Summary: Collection of McShep Drabbles written for 2010 McShep Match Drabble Tree. Each of mine was written in response to words from someone else's drabble (the words in bold).

Title: Mind The Gap
Word Count: 1767
Summary: There haven't been any changes in John's life since the repeal of DADT, and that's a problem.

Title: Jiggling The Connection (PG)
Word Count: 579
Summary: Beware the frustrated scientist!

Title: Soft Touch (R)
Word Count: 950
Summary: John pays the price for a little lapse of memory.

Title: Monday, Monday (PG)
Word Count: 100
Summary: The first day of the week is always the toughest.

Title: Border Crossing (R)
Word Count: 962
Summary: He had to admit that the photo represented the two of them perfectly - a little worn and faded at the edges, different but together.

Title: Hypnagogic (R)
Word Count: 5225
Summary: They were just dreams until Rodney walked through the stargate to Atlantis.

Title: Snapshots (G to PG13)
Word Count: 10 x 100
Summary: Drabbles requested based on my SGA icons.

Title: Once Was (NC17)
Word Count: 986
Summary: Isolation had been John's pain-reliever of choice, had kept him dreaming of nothing, until a vivid orange command awakened him with an order to map the stars, shattering his frozen prison.

Title: No Walls Between (R)
Word Count: 1000
Summary: Their trip to New Hampshire wasn't a mistake.

Title: Safe Harbor (R) (image NSFW)
Word Count: 100
Summary: They finally settle pressed together, long-empty spaces no longer aching.

Title: Relaxed (NC17)
Word Count: 2151
Summary: Awake in the middle of his eighth night alone, John finally admitted he needed more. Sequel to Redlined.

Title: Flying Over Fear (G)
Word Count: 863
Summary: You can't spend your life so worried about what might go bad that you miss out on the good.

Title: Tripping Over Shadows (R)
Word Count: 5984
Summary: John had refused to allow Rodney go exploring without him, which Rodney hadn't really minded, at least not until they'd both ended up stuck inside a room with no exit.

Title: Touchbacks and Timeouts (PG)
Word Count: 2525
Summary: It's not just a football game.

Title: Dead of Night (PG13)
Warnings: Highlight: Vampire fic. The team is mostly dead - temporarily.
Word Count: 2520
Summary: John meets an old enemy who's changed for the worse.

Title: Through A Door Left Open (R)
Word Count: 3060
Summary: Rodney figures out that he hadn't given up on being happy after all.

Title: Calling The Game (PG13)
Word Count: 1700
Summary: Insult added to injury interrupts play.

Title: Block Breakers - SGA (G to PG13)
Word Count: 12 x 100
Summary: Drabbles based on prompts or my SGA icons

Title: Noticed (G)
Word Count: 250
Summary: Lorne really wasn't the last to know.

Title: Know When to Walk Away (PG)
Word Count: 4414
Summary: Leaving has never been the easy way out for John.

2010 SV Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: I Sing The Body Electric (PG13)
Word Count: 636
Summary: There is no living being on Earth that cares for Superman as much as LEx.

Title: April Foolery (PG)
Word Count: 6 x 100
Summary: A collection of drabbles written to prompts

Title: Winning and Losing (R)
Word Count: 3589
Summary: It only took a single moment of frustration and inattention.

Title: Of Pies, Plaid, and Prom Kings That Never Were (R)
Word Count: 1253
Summary: When he arrives home for his 'date' with Lex, Clark finds a pleasant surprise in the loft. Coda for Regarding Lex.

Title: The Kent Identity (R)
Warnings: Highlight here => Spy thriller - people die (not OTP). A pet's death mentioned.
Word Count: 33980
Summary: When your entire life has been a lie, whom do you trust? Based on The Bourne Identity.

Title: Snapshots (G to PG13)
Word Count: 13 x 100
Summary: Drabbles requested based on my SV icons.

Title: The Sweetest Gift (PG)
Word Count: 100
Summary: A birthday drabble for rosa_oya.

Title: Block Breakers - SV (G to PG13)
Word Count: 8 x 100
Summary: Drabbles requested based on prompts or my SV icons.

2011 SGA Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: Reoriented (R)
Word Count: 1126
Summary: He had Rodney's permission, so all John needed was an opportunity.

Title: Kissing Better (PG13)
Word Count: 1250
Summary: John didn't expect his sarcastic suggestion to play out so well.

Title: Vulcans Have It Easy (PG)
Word Count: 100
Summary: Sometimes he wishes he had more than the ears.

Title: Extraordinarily Large Orange Fleece (PG13)
Word Count: 1730
Summary: John always wins when it comes to Rodney's old fleece.

Title: Half-Dozen Tiny Pops (Drabbles for the Atlantis Big Bang Drabble Tree) (G to PG13)
Word Count: 6x100
Summary: A set of drabbles written using words or phrases (in bold) from other drabbles in the tree.

Title: A Trace of Pleasure or Regret (PG13)
Word Count: 1000
Summary: A city exploration turns out to be quite revealing.

Title: 10 McShep - Phase Four Drabbles (G to R)
Word Count: 10x100
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles written for the stargateland Phase Four Multi-Media Bingo Card and the 'Anywhere but Here' challenges.

Title: Separated From Earth (G)
Word Count: 100
Summary: A brief glimpse into the To Walk on the Wind 'verse.

Title: Atlantis Will Rise Again Someday (PG13) because I know the boys are thinking about kissing later.
Warnings: Bad!fic
Spoilers: Atlantis never sank again except right before Elizabeth died and then she flew away, so I don't think so.
Word Count: 100
Summary: This one actually hurt to write. That's more than enough for a summary. Written for the stargateland Phase Four Bad!fic challenge. Did I mention it was a BAD fic challenge?

Title: Reparations (G)
Word Count: 100
Summary: Written for McSheplets #98: Season 2

Title: 18 McShep Match Drabbles (G to PG13)
Word Count: 18 x100
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles written for the 2011 McShep Match Drabble Tree.

Title: A Stop at Willoughby (PG13 to R)
Warnings: Implied suicide attempt of minor character
Spoilers: Vague references to SG-1 '48 Hours' and 'Redemption'.
Word Count: 36534
Summary: It was just supposed to be a place to stop and take a breath while he figured out what to do for the rest of his life. An SG-1/SGA AU inspired by Farewell to Harry.

Title: Perceptual (PG13)
Word Count: 2901
Summary: Lost in the darkness, John's depending on Rodney to find him.

Title: 3 Drabbles - 'Words Are a Powerful Thing' (PG)
Word Count: 3x100
Summary: 3 unrelated drabbles written for the Stargateland 'Words Are a Powerful Thing' challenge.

Title: Seven SGA Smooches (G to PG13)
Word Count: 7 x100
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles written to prompts for sga_smooch.

Title: Toasted (G)
Word Count: 400
Summary: The morning after. This is likely the final installment of the Screen Savor 'verse now that they've come full circle.

Title: Slotting Into Place (PG) 
Word Count: 3091
Summary: A chance meeting, a chance at another life.

Title: Hell-Met by Moonlight (PG)
Warnings: Dark themes, suicidal thoughts, implied character deaths (not McKay/Sheppard)
Word Count: 600
Summary: Carson's retrovirus and Michael's pathogen prove a deadly combination years after everyone presumed they'd been eradicated.

Title: A Mixed Bag of McShep Treats - Part One (G to PG13)
Word Count: 5x100
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles and artworks created based on prompts for Halloween 2011.

Title: Break and Enter (PG)
Word Count: 3008
Summary: John wasn't doing anything he felt was wrong, but then McKay started stalking him and changed everything.

2011 SV Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: Finding the Middle Ground (The Presidential Pardon Remix) (PG13)
Word Count: 2346
Summary: "What I don't understand is why we gave up so easily on both of those things - the sex and the compromises - and I wish to hell that we hadn't." Remix of Compromises and Other Positions by celli

Title: 10 Smallville Nostalgia Challenge Drabbles (G to PG13)
Word Count: 10 x 100
Summary: Drabbles requested based on prompts for the Smallville Nostalgia Challenge hosted by scribblinlenore.

Title: Five Clex Kiss Drabbles (G to PG13)
Word Count: 5 x 100
Summary: Drabbles based on prompts from my flist.

Title: A Mixed Bag of Clex Treats (G to PG13)
Word Count: 5x100
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles from prompts for Halloween 2011.

2012 SGA Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: Still in Love With…John and Rodney Drabbles and Art (G to PG13)
Word Count: 11x100
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles and artworks created based on prompts for McSheplets Still in Love... with John and Rodney

Title: Tree Huggers Anonymous (PG)
Word Count: 1377
Summary: John was certain the 'John Sheppard Glitter Experience' would disappear forever from Rodney's hard drive if John suggested Jeannie would like a copy of 'Rodney, the Tree Hugger' for her collection.

Title: SGA Saturday Anniversary Amnesty Drabbles Prompts 1-10 (G to R)
Word Count: 10x100
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles created based on the weekly prompts for SGA Saturday.

Title: Ancient City Bingo
Rating: G to PG-13
Word Count: 13 x100
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles w/art created based on prompts for Ancient City Bingo.

2012 SV Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: An Ending That Fits
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1263
Summary: It was like a setup right out of a paperback romance; the kind Clark's mom used to read.

Title: Still in Love with…Clark and Lex Drabbles
Rating: G to PG-13
Word Count: 5x100
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles and artwork from prompts.

2013 SGA Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: That Which Waits To Be Discovered
Pairing: Ronon Dex/Jennifer Keller
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 12546
Summary: Jennifer Keller had never really noticed Ronon Dex, not until he was stretched out on an infirmary bed, patiently waiting for her to stitch up his latest sparring injury.

Title: McShep Match 2013 Drabbles
Rating: G to PG-13
Word Count: 5x100
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles written for the 2013 McShep Match Drabble Tree. The word(s) in bold type is the prompt from the tree.

Title: Eddy
Rating: T
Word Count: 3030
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles and artwork from prompts.

2013 SV Fiction Index - Order Completed
Title: Clexmas Remix: Heading for Home, the Baby, It's Cold Outside Remix
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Drabble for tallihensia's "Heading Home".

Title: Clexmas Remix: Saved Him, the No More Bad Dreams Remix
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Summary: Drabble for For tallihensia's "Save Him".

Title: Clexmas Remix: Sundrops, the Special Flava Remix
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: I thought they were a good match for each other so this is a remix for bradygirl_12's "Tastes Like Sunshine" AND "Garden Of Eden"

Title: Clexmas Remix: Leap of Faith, the Cheer Up Buttercup Remix
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Drabble coda for ciaan's "Go Crows!"

Title: Clexmas Remix: Deduced, the Failed the Mensa Test Remix
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Drabble coda for josephina_x's "Logic, And Things Like It."

Title: Clexmas Remix: Together Forever, the WonderBond Remix
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Summary: Drabble coda for jlvsclrk's "Never Tear Us Apart."

Title: Clexmas Remix: Chillin', the Yanna Talk Bout Remix
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Summary: Drabble coda for tasabian's "Drama in Smallville."

2014 SGA Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: Itch to Scratch
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1013
Summary: A set of unrelated drabbles and artwork from prompts.

2014 SV Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: How to Survive the End of the World and Other Post-Christmas Worries
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1108
Summary: Late night television watching can be hazardous to your peace of mind.

2015 SGA Fiction Index - Order Completed

Title: Go Sports!
Rating: PG
Word Count: 848
Summary: Which sport is the best and it is worth arguing about?

2015 SV Fiction Index - Order Completed

Total words for completed fics since start (09/06): Over 1 million per A03 - I've stopped counting.

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