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All works in this journal are not for profit - mine or yours.

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...you reach down to scritch your adorable dog's ears and come back with a handful of 'wtf did you roll in now?' Yes, it's that time of year when the deer wander thru our yard eating the fallen crab apples and ornamental pears - leaving the dogs nauseatingly odoriferous presents in return.

Of course, Gary had just driven away to have lunch with some friends, so guess who was stuck bathing two dogs. Unfortunately, I couldn't just leave them outside until he got back - they wouldn't understand why they'd been exiled and it's too cold to sit outside with them. *sigh* I was considering new collars, but realized I'd have to wrestle the tags off anyway, so I held my breath and washed them too.

I called Gary to let him know the rest of the mess - including the wet towels on the bathroom floor - is his to take care of and that going to the 'Y' to exercise after lunch probably wasn't a good idea.

There's a reason I take the dogs to a groomer every six weeks. I think I just used some of my spoons for next week. I certainly don't have any left for today and likely none for tomorrow. Guess it's a good thing daughter's not coming home for the holiday and we had nothing special planned. Right now, I'm thankful for clean dogs. :-P

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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A while back [personal profile] kate posted her statistics from AO3. Sitting here a wee bit bored because my most recent time waster was downloading and I'm mulling over the next scene in my sga_santa story, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Warning: Serving a little whine with those statsCollapse )

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McShep/SGA/Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett/Other icons and artwork (banners and backgrounds) up for grabs.

Please credit so others can find my galleries and please contact me if you'd like them customized.

I do take requests for covers, banners, and icons (John, Rodney or McShep only)

These SGA icons and artwork are not bases and I ask that they not be altered without crediting my work.


001. 002. 003. 004.

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I have something to share!

My daughter just called from DragonCon where she had a lovely conversation with David Hewlett. She took two pieces of my art with her, one for him to sign and one for him to keep if he'd like - no pressure.

The one he signed (I'll get the signed one in the mail after she returns)

Click for fullsize

The one he kept (Dragon! DragonCon!)

Click for fullsize

In addition, he asked if I had a website where he could check out other pieces (I managed to send an unsigned piece I did for sgareversebang - doh!). Daughter stammered a bit and said I also did McShep pieces and he smiled and said he understood, but still pressed for more info especially after she mentioned my disability. He's currently working on a documentary about disabled people needing a brain/mech interface to allow them more freedom (sic) and is very interested in how the internet facilitates interaction for disabled people who used to languish in isolation. He ended up giving daughter his email address so she could send links to my less slashy pieces. Really, I do have those. *grin*

She was so excited and said he was the best celebrity she's ever met!

So cool.

Also reminds me I have a huge post of art and icons to do when I can summon the energy.

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That's the way I am

I make a post about posting more, then I disappear again. *rolls eyes*

There's a good reason, really. I'm completely absorbed in a new game called SkyForge. It keeps me so well-occupied that it took me 10 days to figure out why my pain had spiraled so out-of-control that I was downing entirely too many of the opiates I try to avoid. I tend to withdraw even more when that happens and my depression was taking over when I discovered I'd loaded my pillboxes wrong, halving my dosage of Wellbutrin. Doh!

A week later and I'm slowly returning to a more reasonable level of pain and fatigue.

Gary is also hanging around for a while, after being away most of the summer on motorcycle trips and in LA with his family. Now he's buzzing about taking care of all of the chores he put off. Perhaps he'll also finally manage to sell one of his THREE motorcycles. He promised he would when I said he could get the latest one for back road biking in the wilds of Canada

Sometimes I think there's a sign above my head flashing PUSHOVER.

It's more like I live vicariously through him and his travels and can't deny him his fun just because I can't anymore.

He does bring back great photos. :-D

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So yesterday I spammed AO3...

...with all the missing SGA artwork associated with others' stories and a few challenge pieces. I didn't realize how many I hadn't uploaded from years ago.

It felt terrific. I managed to stay focused for hours and I really enjoyed going thru all those pieces and remembering how they were made.

For my next session of uploading, I'll organize my SGA wallpapers and post the best, but first it's icons for mcshep_icontest and sga_icontest - which I've entered weekly for years now.

Thunderstorms were so bad last night, my iPhone woke me with a flash flood warning. My concentration may be spottier than usual today. Fingers crossed, I'll manage the wingfic cover.

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I live my life in small bits and pieces

Chronic fatigue sucks.

I have so many things I want to do. When I think about them all at once, it overwhelms me and I fail to do anything.

My solution: Break it all up into manageable chunks and tackle them as I can.

One of those chunks is to post here more often, not just when I've completed something.

I'm currently on my own - Gary is off on another motorcycle trip with a side flight to Los Angeles to visit his family. The puppies and I cuddle on the couch while I watch Netflix and I do fannish things like icons and art and reading and reccing and modding (but not writing because the words just aren't there). I also play DC Universe Online where I can build and play fun 'toons that fly like Superman and fight like Wonder Woman and use fun gadgets like Batman. I have friends that I chat with and run challenges with, so I feel a little less isolated. When Gary is here, we play together.

What I'm working on now while watching Vampire Diaries:

1. Artwork for brumier - loved her wingfic
2. Icons for weekly icontests
3. A roundup post for SGA icons and art (it's been 6 months!)

What I have on my to-do list to accomplish in small bits:

1. Update my CLex recs with new items (my to-read list is soooo long)

2. Go thru my journal and AO3 and make sure I've posted and crosslinked my art for other people
(wanted_a_pony pointed out a missing piece and I've found others)

3. Post artwork not associated to stories to AO3

4. Read and comment/kudo/rec SGA stories (so many wonderful stories to read)

5. Finish writing my many WIPs *sigh*

Exercise should be on those lists, but merely walking up/down stairs often wipes me out. What I do is make sure I get up and move around after every episode. The puppies are also good at nudging me out of my lethargy long enough to go outside with them. They are such good girls - except when Molly raids the bedroom trash can and shreds tissues everywhere.

Molly says "Lies, all lies. Now it's time to move!"

Molly Says WhatUp

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Seven lines meme

I was tagged for the seven lines meme by melagan.

There's one WIP constantly open on my desktop, waiting for the words to starting working for me for more than a few minutes at a time. I've already posted ten episodes of A Stop at Willoughby, so the seven pages thing is tough. I'll post a section I just wrote, since seven lines alone wouldn't make sense.

Over beers late at night, Mac and John are finally starting to share why they're in Willoughby.

“So you crashed a helicopter and the pilot you went in to save against orders didn't make it. The powers that be decided that you made the wrong choice, weighing disobeying orders and the loss of a helicopter needed for other rescue operations against one life...and took away your flight status. That sucks.”

“Yeah.” With a sigh, John slumps a little more, his heart aching.

Mac lazily pushes the swing so the soft twang blends with the crickets. They look out at the moonlit lake for a few minutes before Mac asks, “So I need to ask your opinion about something. Suppose you were presented with a choice of death for one man versus the possible injury and death of hundreds, thousands - more likely too many more - yourself included. Not a potential future loss but a right then and now. What would you choose?”

A little surprised that Mac hadn't pushed for more details, John has to think for a moment before asking, “Possible?”

Mac frowns then huffs, “All evidence points to an extremely high probability of mass destruction.” He waves his beer bottle, only avoiding spillage because it was mostly empty. “Let me make it a little tougher. Suppose there was no guarantee that one man was still alive at the time you need to make your choice? Now you have one man possibly surviving versus the injury and death I mentioned before?”

Sensing the question is more than hypothetical, John straightens up, jarring the swing into a countersway, slowing it to a halt. Turning his head to look at Mac, he says slowly, “I...don't know.”

Mac, frozen into an unnatural stillness, continues. “Then let me add one more variable. In the mass of humanity being weighed against that one man is at least one other person you love enough to be willing to give up your own life rather than risk destroying theirs.”

"Jesus, Mac." As the implications sink in, John's stomach roils, the beer threatening to make a rude reappearance.

Mac's laughter is bitter and dark as night. "Sometimes the decisions we have to make under pressure really suck, don't they?"

I tag seven people: taste_is_sweet, neevebrody, popkin16, that_which, bluespirit_star, roxymissrose, pegasus_phoenix.

Signal Boost - Fanfic Stolen

I spend my days too fatigued to do much of anything, but I couldn't let this one just pass by.

Thanks to [personal profile] phoenixnz, I was alerted to the ebooks-tree 'theft' of 34 pieces of my fiction and artwork. (http://www.ebooks-tree.com/search.php?q=danceswithgary) They are apparently from a bot scrape of AO3.

I would suggest checking the site for your fanworks under any of your pseudonyms on AO3 and follow the suggestions here or here for getting ebooks-tree to remove the works from their site.

Do not give them any credit card info!!! This site is a scam from start to finish.

I'm not going to pull my work from AO3. It isn't their fault some scam artist managed to scrape some of my pieces from their site. IMO, AO3 is still the best multi-fandom archive.

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Fic + Art: Go Sports!

Title: Go Sports!
Author: danceswithgary
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 848
Summary: Which sport is the best and it is worth arguing about? Set in Playing Along 'verse, sequel to Calling The Game but may be read standalone.

Go Sports!Collapse )

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Written for 2014 CLexmas Exchange

Title: How to Survive the End of the World and Other Post-Christmas Worries
For: [personal profile] josephina_x
Type: Fic, ~1100 words
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: Late night television watching can be hazardous to your peace of mind.
Request: Fluff, mild hurt/comfort, and romance.

How to Survive the End of the World and Other Post-Christmas WorriesCollapse )

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McShep/SGA/Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett icons and artwork (banners and backgrounds) up for grabs.

Please credit so others can find my galleries and please contact me if you'd like them customized.

I do take requests for covers, banners, and icons (John, Rodney or McShep only)

These SGA icons and artwork are not bases and I ask that they not be altered without crediting my work.


001. 002. 003. 004.

More icons and artwork behind cutCollapse )

I'm happy to take requests for covers, banners and icons. (McShep, John or Rodney only)
All works in this journal are not for profit - mine or yours.

SGA Covers
SGA Banners

SGA Icons For General Use - Part SevenCollapse )

Fic: Itch To Scratch (SGA Santa 2014)

Title: Itch to Scratch
Recipient: [profile] kidenagain
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: SGA characters are not mine, more's the pity.
Author's Notes: Happy Holidays!
Summary: He'd reached the point of doing a McKay and constructing a makeshift back scratcher when, thankfully, the brush from his gun cleaning kit and oldest golf magazine were saved by a chime.

Itch to ScratchCollapse )

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